Truckin’ Love

Truckin’ Love

Truckin' Love

Valentine’s Day is an especially difficult day for truck drivers out on the road; whether you’re in a serious, long-term relationship, or in a new, fragile relationship. This Valentine’s Day, Phoenix Capital Group wants to assist you in planning a romantic day for you and your significant other.

Have dinner together on Valentine’s Day.

No matter how many miles apart you are, take advantage of technology. Schedule a time that you and your loved one are available to sit down, turn FaceTime on, have a meal together., and talk. Even though you may be hundreds of miles away, you can still enjoy each other’s’ company over a nice meal.

Create a virtual scrapbook.

Technology is so advanced today that you have the ability to create and share albums on your phone. THis gives you the ability to take random photos of you and your location throughout the day that automatically updates on both phones. This is a fun way to leave love randomly throughout the day!

Reschedule Valentine’s Day with your loved one.

Communication is very important in a relationship, so openly talk with your loved one about your schedule. Valentine’s Day is a unique Holiday where it is easily rescheduled and celebrated another day. It’s common for couples in other career fields to do this as well; nurses, fireman, police, retail, etc. You’re not the only couple scheduling this loving Holiday around your schedule’s so don’t feel down about it!

Surprise your loved one(s) with gifts while you’re on the road.

It’s okay to show your affectionate side while you’re gone by scheduling flowers, treats or other gifts to be delivered to your significant other and family while you’re away. Not only will your loved ones be surprised but you’ll earn some serious brownie points!

Valentine’s Day 2017 is doesn’t have to be miserable for you and your loved one while you’re on the road. Get creative, put thought into your gifts and romantic celebrations, and the reason for the season; your love for one another!

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