Holiday’s on the Road

Holiday’s on the Road

Holiday’s on the Road

Truck Drivers:

How to Spend Christmas on the Road

The Christmas Holiday is a season that guarantees a good size paycheck for trucking companies, but it can be a difficult time for the drivers and their families as they are on the road for nearly the entire month of December. The stress and loneliness can be tough but there are a few things a truck driver can do to stay positive and ease the sorrow of the Christmas Holiday season.

  • Reschedule Christmas Day. If you have deliveries to make over the Christmas Holiday that prevent you from being home with your family, reschedule your celebration!
  • Stay positive by thinking of long-term advantages. Working over the Christmas Holiday is not always fun but it’s extra money in your pocket. This will especially be good when the freight slowdown hits in January and when taxes are due in April. Once you receive the invoices from your customer, or your freight factoring company, be sure to take the extra necessary steps to save your money!
  • Technology is on your side. On Christmas day, video chat with your friends, family and loved ones. You can also monitor social media during your breaks to stay connected to your friends.
  • Treat yourself for a nice meal. If you’re on the road Christmas Day, treat yourself to a nice meal from a local diner. Consider splurging on a dessert or an extra side that you normally wouldn’t allow yourself to order. Even though it’s not your normal home cooked meal, it’ll give you something to enjoy while you’re on the road.
  • Surprise your family by leaving Christmas gifts around the house. Before you get into your truck to haul a load, hide special gifts or notes around that house to surprise your loved ones. It takes some extra time and effort, but your loved ones will see that and appreciate it.
  • Bring a loved one on the road. If you have the opportunity, and a large enough 18 wheeler, bring along your significant other or one of your children to spend Christmas with on the road. It’s a fun way to transform a work trip into a sightseeing vacation in which you spend quality time with a loved one.
  • If you can’t bring a human loved one on the road, bring a canine loved one along for the ride. If you family isn’t available to join you on the road during Christmas, then bring a friend who doesn’t have any prior commitments; your dog! Many truck drivers bring their pets along for the ride, as long as your pet is capable of sitting for long periods of time.

Christmas can be a stressful time for truck drivers but it’s important to keep a positive outlook on the situation. Truck drivers, just remember; you’re not the only professional working on holidays. There are many other people in this country sacrificing their family time for this country.

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trucking Christmas

Twas the night before Christmas and all through the truck stop,

Truckers were wishing their load they could drop

They were all snug and sound and asleep in their racks,

Most of em were snoring cuz they slept on their backs.

Their engines were off and their stacks all set high,

In hope that St. Nicholas would soon be by.

They were wanting  St. Nick to bring them a load home tomorrow,

To offset their loneliness and ease all their sorrow.

Through snow and sleet and all sorts of stuff

A trucker does truck and they have to be tough,

They’re gone all the time and they are hardly at home

Across this great country they all have to roam.

So St. Nicholas please keep us truckers in mind

And on Christmas day, our families we find.

Wishing all our trucking families a safe journey home for the holidays,

Jim and Jan McCarter