Truck Driver Christmas Gifts for $20 or Less

This handy device can cook one to seven eggs at once. Not only is this a practical gift, but it helps your loved one eat healthy on the road!

Price: $13.99

presents for long haul drirvers

This gift is hilariously perfect for any truck driver. Driver’s can now appropriately relieve their anger for any reason.

Price: $4.99

truck driver holiday present

One issue many truck drivers face is leaving their home with a fully stocked bar, and coming home to find it empty. With the liquor lock, truck drivers can leave their house with peace of mind, knowing their liquor cabinet with be untouched.

Price: $9.99

trucker holiday gift

What is the biggest thing truck drivers miss out on while on the road? Relaxing and playing a few rounds of golf. That is, until now. Truck drivers can play golf at any rest stop of their choosing with this toilet golf game!

Price: $14

present for truck driver

This small egg shaped humidifier is perfect for individuals on the road. This device is easy to operate, quiet, and portable. It helps individuals sleep, relieve stress, prevent dry air, and keeps your space smelling good.

Price: $15.99

trucker christmas presents

Truck drivers are constantly thirsty on the road, but sometimes the road does not allow them to take their hands off the steering wheel. Problem solved! This special straw gives truck drivers the ability to drink (soda pop) and drive.

Price: $3

gift for your truck driver

Unless you own an expensive cooler, truck drivers’ soda pop’s become way too warm in the truck. With this gift, truck driver can grab a can of their favorite soda pop from the back of their rig and almost instantly cool it down.

Price: $19.99

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