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We Are Not Faceless: May 2017

This May, Phoenix Capital Group would like to introduce David!

David has been a Business Development Officer at Phoenix Capital Group’s Alabama office since 2016.

More about David...

I currently reside in Birmingham, AL but I’m definitely a natural nomad at heart. Typically I’m a very active person – love to rock climb & scuba dive but also have a huge passion for cooking & trying new foods. Within the past year I found a dog off craigslist & she has absolutely become my world. Her name is Nali, short for Denali which means “the great one” to the Alaskan natives. I’m very much a lover of random fun facts. Here are some random fun facts about myself:


  • Grew up in Atlanta – FILA (forever I love Atlanta)
  • Was a river guide for 3 years in college on the Klamath River
  • Graduated from Auburn University in Supply Chain Management
  • Being in the mountains makes me feel at home
  • I really enjoy caving – been caving in ancient Mayan Caves in Guatemala, caves in Israel that the Dead Sea Scrolls were found & some pretty amazing caves in Alabama as well
  • Can ask more questions than your mother
  • Weird fascination with ancient pyramids – been to Tikal in Guatemala but really want to check out the Giza pyramids at some point
  • I’ve been skydiving a few times but would love to get AFF certified at some point down the road
  • Never broken a bone, surprisingly
  • Out of all the food in the world nothing quite satisfies me like a cheese burger
  • I’ve been hot-air ballooning
  • Lived in Tahoe for 2 years after graduating college
  • Gotten my mom to jump off a 40 ft bridge into water
  • Huge history nerd
  • Been scuba diving in the Red Sea in Israel, Roatán in Honduras, Key Largo in Florida & several places in the Gulf of Mexico
  • I’ve done a shark dive where I was with 20+ Caribbean reef sharks

Photos of David...

david PCG factoring
david phoenix capital group llc representative
factoring representative david
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