Load Board

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Online Load Board is available to current PCG clients
Phoenix Capital Group provides freight factoring to trucking companies

Phoenix Capital Group is now offering an online load board to all existing PCG clients. PCG is determined to help truckers find high paying freight quickly and with no cost to PCG clients by providing www.pcgfactoringloadboard.com . The load board extension to the PCG website is the the ultimate truck load board search for independent truckers and fleets.

There are ample amounts of available loads posted by truck load carriers, freight brokers and direct shippers daily. PCG’s load board is constantly being update to help clients find the most recent loads available.

Whether you’re a new trucker or an experienced trucker, PCG’s load board will help you find loads quickly and effectively.

Why do owner operators, fleet executives and truckings companies use load boards?

  • Messaging boards
    If you see a truckload that you want to take, most have some sort of function that allows you to chat instantly with the broker.
  • Opportunities to review shippers and carriers
    The ability to review and be reviewed by shippers helps you get a reputation within the industry.
  • Credit information
    It’s good to know who you are working before you accept a load from a freight broker or shipper.
  • Mobile access
    Stay connected on the go so that you can find a load to carry before your current job is even finished.
  • Proof of FMCSA certification
    To show customers that you are legitimate.
  • Spot Rates
    Know how much other small trucking companies are getting paid and make sure that you the best deal when freight matching.
  • Days-to-Pay Information
    Get an idea of how long it will take brokers to pay you for the freight loads that you haul.
  • Freight Matching Alerts
    The online load board will alert you when a shipper has expressed interest in making an arrangement with you.
  • Online Availability
    Access the online load board 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year!