How to Prevent Drowsy Driving

Phoenix Capital Group values their clients and stresses that they participate in
SAFE and SMART driving. Did you know that drowsy driving is one of the most
common causes of major truck accidents? According to a National Sleep
Foundation poll, “60% of Americans have driven while feeling sleepy and 37%
admit to actually haven fallen asleep at the wheel in the past year” (National
Sleep Foundation). We need your help to put an end to Drowsy Driving.
We all hear about drowsy driving, but how can we prevent it? The best way is to know yourself and when you should pull over. Not only can this SAVE your life, but can save other drivers as well. Below, are the most common signs of drowsy driving. If you experience any of this while driving, please pull over!
  • Heavy eyelids. This signals that your body is shutting down.
  • Difficulty focusing – missing exits and traffic signs. This speaks for itself.
  • Excessive yawning, frequent blinking and rubbing your eyes. When your body is fighting to stay awake.
  • Feeling irritable. Who is happy when they are tired?
  • “Nodding off”. If you can’t keep your head up, you should not be driving
  • Drifting into other lanes or off the road. Dangerous. Dangerous. Dangerous
  • Tailgating other drivers. This is an accident waiting to happen.
Staying awake on the road can be very difficult when driving for long periods of time. We get it! It is important to Phoenix Capital Group that our clients are staying happy, healthy, and safe while on the road. Below, are some pro tips to help you stay awake while on the road.
  • Get 7-8 hours of sleep before your journey. Your body will love you.
  • Drive with a partner to keep you accountable.
  • Absolutely NO alcohol consumption.
  • Play enjoyable and lively music.
  • Do NOT fight the fatigue. If you need too, pull over and take a 20 minute power nap. It can save your life.
  • Eat healthy food. Avoid fat, salt, and sugar – they make you more tired. Foods that give you energy and stamina contain carbohydrates and protein!
  • Make a habit of taking daily vitamins, to always stay energized.
  • Do not hesitate to stop if you need to! Stretch your legs, it keeps the blood flowing.
  • Be extra alert during 2am-5am. These are the most dangerous hours to drive in.
  • Drink 1 cup of coffee before you get started.
  • Keep yourself hydrated at all times.
  • Keep wet face towelettes handy. Wipe your face every now and then to keep you awake.
  • Roll down the window for fresh air. It wakes you up and helps you focus.
  • Avoid medications that cause drowsiness.
  • Chew gum. It prevents yawning and keeps the mouth busy.
Phoenix Capital Group

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