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Freight Factoring

Phoenix Capital Group

One-stop transportation services company that provides trucking companies freight factoring,
non-recourse freight factoring, equipment financing and fuel card programs.

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Phoenix Capital Group offers a growing number of financial freight factoring services to the transportation industry, specifically for independent truck drivers and trucking companies of all sizes. No matter the growth rate of a trucking company, Phoenix Capital Group can help businesses reach the next level of success.

PCG is the optimal one-stop transportation services company that specializes in providing freight factoring services for trucking companies. Transportation services include recourse freight factoring, non-recourse freight factoring, fuel card programs, referral cash reward program, equipment financing, and a free online load board.

Freight factoring gives trucking companies the ability to manage cash flow so truckers can easily move the next load. PCG’s goal is to build bridges between the business and clients to ensure a healthy professional relationship. PCG builds and protects client’s cash flow by providing the best freight factoring experience possible.

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Freight factoring services help trucking companies respond to expenses like payroll, fleet fuel and truck maintenance without having to wait for payments to process. Trucking companies receive low freight factoring rates, no long-term contracts and have money in their hands within 24 hours!
Freight bill factoring services means PCG will purchase invoices from trucking companies of all sizes to give a fast and reliable cash flow solution to keep trucks on the road. PCG provides competitive freight factoring rates along with great customer service. Regardless of a trucking company’s fleet size and sales volume, PCG can help cash flow by purchasing truck driver’s invoices and give immediate cash.

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