Giving Back

Giving Back

Community Support & Engagement

Employees of Phoenix Capital Group are passionate about giving back to the community. Our mission is to encourage connections inside and outside our office doors.

Volunteering is beneficial; it builds soft skills within our team while helping build our community. Volunteering our time to help others in our community is our mission. We want to provide great benefit to those in need.

Why we encourage volunteerism:

  • Creates loyalty among members of the community.
  • Boosts employee satisfaction.
  • Improves relations within the community.
  • Improves public image.
  • Improves morale and teamwork.

Benefits of volunteerism for employees:

  • Acquire new skills and abilities.
  • Gain fulfillment from contribution to the community.
  • Career development tool.
  • Become knowledgeable about needs and opportunities in the community.
  • Establish a service oriented culture in their community.
  • Internal socializing and PCG team building.

Phoenix Capital Group’s hard working employees have sacrificed their time and energy to volunteer, participate in charity runs &more.

Find out what it means to PCG to step forward as a volunteer by reading our stories below!

May-June 2017 Encouragement Cards

April 2017 WeekEnd Hunger Backpack Assembly

Phoenix Capital Group representatives worked with Valley of the Sun United Way to assemble backpacks (plastic store bags) with non-perishable meals and snacks to be distributed weekly to local Phoenix schools. The WeekEnd Hunger Backpack will provide 7 supplemental meals and snacks to children who rely on schools for 2 out of their 3 meals Monday-Friday. These backpacks ensure that children will eat throughout the weekend, returning to school on Monday morning ready to learn. A total of 2,080 bags of food were packed for children in PHX!! Phoenix Capital Group representatives took a few hours out of their Saturday morning to give back to their community and it was a blast!

Phoenix Capital Group is proud to announce their partnership with Valley of the Sun United Way (VSUW). Phoenix Capital Group and VSUW are excited to work together these next few months to fight child hunger in Phoenix, Arizona.

Reach Out and Read

Phoenix Capital Group representatives worked together to donate books to the Reach Out and Read charity in Phoenix, Arizona. PCG chose to partner with Reach Out and Read for three reasons; (1) Research shows that Reach Out and Read parents are four times more likely to share books with their children. (2) Children in the Reach Out and Read program show significant increases in language ability, one of the most important predictors of later reading success. (3) Parents involved in Reach Out and Read are twice as likely to report that reading is one of their child’s favorite activities. PCG representatives donated a dozen books to the program.

Phoenix Capital Group also participated in the nationwide activity #MatchyMatchyDay! Businesses all over the United States donate money or supplies to a charity during the month of February then celebrates their participation by matching funny outfits with a colleague. PCG took fun photos and threw a dessert potluck to end the office fundraiser!

Representatives at Phoenix Capital Group had a blast collecting books for Reach Out and Read program in Phoenix, Arizona. We have some fun photos to share with our freight factoring clients of our book donations, goofy outfits and our yummy desserts!

Marine Corps Toys for Tots Campaign

During the month of December, Birmingham’s PCG representatives collected toys for the Marine Corps Toys for Tots campaign. The toys are delivered to families in need who don’t have excess money to spend on Christmas gifts this year. Birmingham expressed the fun they  had while picking out toys for the families. Although, Jonathan (a child at heart) mentioned, “I was so tempted to keep the Mustang I bought!“. 

St. Mary's Food Bank

During the month of November, Arizona’s PCG representatives collected non-perishable food items for Saint Mary’s Food Bank. The food bank collects food from all over the state of Arizona by providing drop off locations at grocery stores, schools, offices, churches, etc. The food collected is portioned out to low income families and to the homeless shelters in Phoenix, Arizona. Representatives in the Arizona office were able to donate 100 cans and large boxes of non-perishable foods for Saint Mary’s Food Bank. “I am thankful to have the opportunity to give back to families within our own community during the Holiday season. Families across the valley will have Thanksgiving and Christmas meals thanks to the Saint Mary’s Food Bank and individuals who donated, like my PCG colleagues.” said Tatum Williams, the Marketing Manager at Phoenix Capital Group.

The Phoenix Rescue Mission

This September, Phoenix Capital Group employees collected various items to donate to the Phoenix Rescue Mission, specifically the ‘Hope Totes Hygiene Kits’ program. The ‘Hope Tote Hygiene Kits’ are distributed to homeless individuals across the valley of Phoenix, Arizona. The items that the Phoenix Capital Group employees collected varied from toothbrushes, socks, shampoo, conditioner, and much more. Every other month, Phoenix Capital Group employees sacrifice their own time and money to give back to the community.


“We were able to collect and donate close to a hundred items for the homeless individuals across the valley. The Phoenix Rescue Mission is a great organization that helps men, women, and children in Phoenix and we are happy that we were able to help this organization reach more people in need.” says the Marketing Manager, Tatum Williams.

Giving Back to the Birmingham Humane Society

Phoenix Capital Group has recently opened a location in Birmingham, Alabama. The B’Ham employees also chose to give back to their community this September by donating items to the Birmingham Humane Society. The Birmingham Humane Society has expressed their need for dog food, blankets, newspapers, and pillow cases. The Phoenix Capital Group team in B’Ham have come together to donate money and the items needed for the dogs. The Birmingham team of four donated four large bags of dog food, some blankets and a large cash donations.

“We had a great time. The toughest part was trying to figure out how we could combine our office into a sales team and an annex of the humane society. We wanted to bring them ALL with us!” says Jonathan Holly.


On May 26, 2016 PCG participated in National Red Nose Day to support children in poverty around the world. Half the money raised is spent in the United States, and the other half is spent on the poorest communities in Latin America, Asia, and Africa. All the money raised supports projects that ensure children’s safety, health, and education. Here are some fun pictures taken by PCG employees, share your #RedNoseDay pictures with us on social media!

2016 Stride 4 Spines 5K benefiting the Barrow Neurological Institute

On January 23, 2016 many Phoenix Capital Group employees participated in the Stride 4 Spines 5K benefiting the Barrow Neurological Institute. A portion of the proceeds from the 3.11 mile race were donated to benefit the Barrow Neurological Institute in honor of Cristin Van Driel and Ultimate Stamina Coaching. PCG employees had a blast running the 5K and are excited for the next opportunity to support their community! .

2015-2016 Sunnyslope High School Boy's Soccer Supporters

Along with group volunteer activities, Phoenix Capital Group encourages employees to take action and volunteer individually in programs outside of the office.

One employee at Phoenix Capital Group took the company’s encouragement to heart and is now being recognized for his outstanding performance. During the 2015-2016 soccer season, one PCG employee sacrificed 91 hours of his time to be the boy’s varsity soccer coach at Sunnyslope High School in Phoenix, Arizona. Not only has he spent endless hours coaching on the field, but also has given time to reward the boy’s soccer team with team dinners and movies.

This PCG employee has been a great example for the Sunnyslope boy’s varsity soccer team as well as the team here at Phoenix Capital Group!

Vietnam Veterans of America

During the month of March, PCG has collected clothing and household goods drive for the Vietnam Veterans of America!

The non-profit organization collected 15 bags from PCG containing various household items. Clothing for all ages, kitchen appliances, toys, tools, shoes, bedding, and more were donated. We couldn’t think of a better way  to give back than donate items to individuals who fought for our freedom.