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Category: Love & Family

Truckin’ Love

Truckin' Love Valentine’s Day is an especially difficult day for truck drivers out on the road; whether you’re in a serious, long-term relationship, or in a new, fragile relationship. This Valentine’s Day, Phoenix Capital Group wants to assist you in planning a romantic day for you and your significant other. Have dinner together on Valentine’s…

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Happy Trucksgiving

Phoenix Capital Group wants to give thanks to truck drivers across the country for their hard work and dedication. Happy Trucksgiving. It is almost impossible to explain how critical truckers are to our nation’s economy. Society as we know it would not be functional without men and women in the trucking industry delivering consumer products.…

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Trucking Pets

Driving a truck with a dog or cat can make the journey a lot more fun, but also puts on  additional responsibility to your workload. Over 45% of American households have dogs. 60% of truck drivers report having pets. Over 40% of truck drivers report traveling with their pets in their trucks. Here are few…

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