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We Are Not Faceless: February 2017

During the month of February, Phoenix Capital Group would like to introduce our Underwriter/Junior Credit Manager: Connie.

Fun Facts about Connie:

  • Connie is very proud to have 11 amazing grandchildren.
  • She comes from generations of truck drivers; her son is currently carrying on the tradition of driving.
  • Connie volunteers for outreaches including St. Mary’s food bank where she feeds the homeless. She feeds starving children in the Phoenix area by packing food, and volunteers at the United Way where she helps the homeless people by restoring their place in society.
  • Connie says she loves living in Arizona because there is so much to offer, “the hotter it gets in the valley, the more north we go on weekend camping, riding, fishing, car shows and shooting.”
  • She is the second generation is her family to own a 53 Pontiac Chieftain, which is currently under restoration.
  • Connie and her husband are active in church and ministries.
  • Every year Connie and her family throws a themed birthday party for her mother-in-law.
  • Connie says, “We know we are having fun when our grown kids worry about our weekend excursions!”

Photos of Connie