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Old School Road Trip Classics

PCG Fuel Card Program

Phoenix Capital Group (PCG) is best known for providing fast, hassle-free freight factoring services for independent truck drivers and trucking companies, along with top quality customer service. PCG not only provides factoring services, but also an EFS fuel card program for factoring clients. Freight factoring services and the fuel card program are two essential services…

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Haboob Safety

Haboob SafetyHaboob: (n) a violent and oppressive wind blowing in summer, bringing sand from the desert. Driving a truck across the United States for a living can be an adventurous lifestyle. Truck drivers are subjected to various ways of living- drivers get to see the gorgeous views every state has to offer and they get to experience…

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# Help Us Help You

Phoenix Capital Group took to the Twitter Polls, to find what posts our followers wanted to see more. We asked ourselves, “what can we do to help truck drivers, new and established. What could they use from a freight factoring company, besides cash?” Turns out, informative blogs are what the people want. Phoenix Capital Group set…

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Truckin’ Love

Truckin' Love Valentine’s Day is an especially difficult day for truck drivers out on the road; whether you’re in a serious, long-term relationship, or in a new, fragile relationship. This Valentine’s Day, Phoenix Capital Group wants to assist you in planning a romantic day for you and your significant other. Have dinner together on Valentine’s…

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