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We Are Not Faceless: April 2017

This April, Phoenix Capital Group would like to introduce Nikki!

Nikki is a Client Relationship Manager and has been with Phoenix Capital Group since 2004.

Nikki originally worked at PCG headquarters in Phoenix, Arizona but moved to Flagstaff, Arizona after she was married.
Nikki is only two hours from PCG’s home office and visits quite often!

More about Nikki....

I live in Flagstaff, Arizona where it snows a lot and is freezing in the winter! I am originally from PA, so I’m used to this type of weather.  But Phoenicians love to take advantage of our perfect summer weather so we built a home with plenty of room for guests. We moved to Flagstaff in 2014. After having to go into the Phoenix Capital Group office for 10 years, I am a lucky person to be able to work from my home.

My husband and I met in our 30’s; we love to travel and have become quite adventurous. We are very outdoorsy people and have visited some amazing places. Mexico is a country we have visited often and have done some crazy things, like doing a zip line through the jungles of Puerto Vallarta and climbing down waterfalls mostly because that was our only way home. On our honeymoon, we jumped over to Barcelona, Spain & Rome, Italy and saw some of the most beautiful scenery and ate the most delicious food. Next on our list….Ireland!

We started our small family with a tiny dog, Sushe, whom we adopted from a not so great background. We have loved her and given her a great home and she has come a very long way. We have a not so tiny cat, Roxy, and well she’s a cat, doesn’t do much but I love her none the less.

In 2015 we expanded our family with the arrival of the most perfect little angel, Remi. The name, Remi,  is derived from her only living great Grandmother, Remona.  By far, she is the most adventurous thing we have done and has become our entire world. We do everything with Remi, she loves to dance and sing with us and just be outside exploring, socializing.

Photos of Nikki: