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Our mission is to provide competitive freight factoring rates while delivering exceptional customer service.

Phoenix Capital Group is all about freight factoring. PCG is a one-stop transportation services company that provides freight factoring services to independent truck drivers and fleets. PCG’s financial factoring services are growing daily. Independent truck drivers are offered freight bill factoring services, non-recourse freight factoring services, fuel card program, free online load board and equipment financing through PCG. No matter the growth rate of your business, PCG is able to help truck drivers reach the next level and keep drivers better informed about freight factoring. PCG’s vision long term is to understand the challenges and obligations that truck drivers face in the transportation industry. This is why PCG offers such easily accessible account access online, and to the remainder of the freight factoring services. PCG partners with businesses of all sizes, to help simplify and enhance transportation operations and provide excellent freight factoring rates.

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Meet the Faces of Phoenix Capital Group!

Over the last year, Phoenix Capital Group has dissolved the barrier between business and client by interacting with clients at the biyearly trade shows, interacting on social media, and by introducing the We Are Not Faceless Campaign. All three platforms have given clients and PCG representatives the ability to get to know each other personally, and build a stronger professional relationship. PCG is all about freight factoring and our clients!

Proudly an A+ Accredited Business Since 2015.

Proud member of the International Factoring Association

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